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Who Sets Our Rates Anyway?


Regardless of the financial institution you go to, the first thing you are going to hear about are the rates. But who sets those rates, how do they determine them and why are they all different? On this episode we talk to CFO Sean Rinkenberger about the rates and how they work. This is an interesting topic and while rates aren't everything, they are very important so we decided to provide a quick look behind the otherwise closed doors. 

Kasasa, What's the Catch?


On this episode we talk with Rod Braun, Retail Manager in Devils Lake, to chat about Kasasa. We say it time and time again that Kasasa is the best checking account out there and the rates may look too good to be true, but they aren't. Rod breaks down what Kasasa is, how it works and everything else you need to know before you sign up for a Kasasa account. This is one you don't want to miss!