Fraud happens each and every day and can happen to anyone, even in North Dakota and Minnesota. Here at FCCU, we want to help educate our members and make sure you are protected.

Scam of the Month


Phishing – Social Engineering attempt to acquire personal information such as usernames, passwords, account information, card information, etc.

Smishing – Phishing attach where a cell phone user receives a text message containing a link that, if clicked, would lead to a site containing malware and/or downloads malware to the phone.

Vishing – Social engineering attempt to gather information over the phone. Call often comes from a spoofed phone number to look like a well known number. (Ex. Call comes through with a Credit Union phone number)

All the above social engineering techniques can result in the loss of funds and/or the compromise of personal information. It is important to safe guard your personal information and always be cautious when opening emails or links from individuals/businesses that you are unfamiliar with. Stay curious and when in doubt reach out to your local FCCU branch for assistance.

Fraud Resources

FCCU Card Management

We want to help put card managment at your finger tips. Our FCCU Cards app and FCCU Online Credit Card site offers many helpful features to prevent fraud and keeping your credit and debit card in your control. Below is a series of videos explaining how to use the FCCU Cards App and how it can help prevent fraud. Click here for more information or to download the app.

*Note, this app doesn't replace our existing FCCU app, but is another option to give you greater control over your convenience cards.

FCCU Cards App Overview

Alert Preferences

Notification Settings

Lock & Unlock Your Card

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Set Control Preferences

Setting Spend Limits

Lock & Unlock Your Card

Lost & Stolen Card

Visa Online Features