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Let's CU Succeed is here to help our listeners achieve financial success, while having fun along the way. This podcast features financial tips and tricks, community involvement spotlights, fun stories told by our employees and everything in between.

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Scholarships with University of Jamestown President Dr. Polly Peterson


On this episode of Lets CU Succeed we sat down with the University of Jamestown's President, Dr. Polly Peterson, to talk about scholarships and paying for further education. Dr. Peterson is not only the president of UJ but she is also a mother and an FCCU scholarship board member, making her a very reliable source of information when it comes to this topic. Thanks for Listening!

Veteran Honor Flights with Navy Vet Neil Morkassel


We are honored to have had Veteran Neil Morkassel on the Let's CU Succeed podcast to talk about Honor Flights and his time in the service. Neil, speaking on first hand experience, talks about what the Honor Flight is, who can go and why it is so important to him and so many other Vet's. This podcast comes during our fourth quarter charity (2021) which is Supporting Veterans. Check out our website below to find out how you can help, thanks for listening!

The Roger Maris Cancer Center, Saving Lives and How To Help


Who is Roger Maris you may ask? Well listen to this podcast to find out who he was and his relevance to the Fargo cancer center. On this episode we sat down with Amy Hinkemeyer, executive director at the Sanford Health Foundation, to talk about what the Roger Maris Center means to the people going through their toughest times in life. We talk about what exactly they do and how you to can lend a helping hand. From lemonade stands to hats, there is a way for everyone to get involved. 

Million Dollar Donation, People Helping People and Making a Differenc‪e


On this episode we sat down with Janna Bergstedt, Chief Marketing Officer, to talk about FCCU's commitment to the community. Topics covered: donations, sponsorships, people helping people and community engagement.

Sharing the Light with Pebbles Thompson of Project Ignite Light


On this podcast we sit down with Pebbles Thompson, founder of Project Ignite Light to talk about the work she does with her charity. Project Ignite Light is an organization that gives thousands of abused children a piece of security and hope. Full disclaimer, this podcast is a tear jerker. Pebbles talks about the start up, their impact, and shares some touching stories in this podcast. This is one you don't want to miss. If you are interested in helping the cause please visit the Project Ignite Light Facebook page or their website at ignitelight.org.