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Let's CU Succeed is here to help our listeners achieve financial success, while having fun along the way. This podcast features financial tips and tricks, community involvement spotlights, fun stories told by our employees and everything in between.

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Paying Off Debt


This episode is all about paying off debt, so who better to talk about that than our very own Chief Financial Officer, Sean Rinkenberger. He talks about what kind of debts are acceptable, methods to pay them off, things to be thinking about and more. Thank you for listening!

Got Debt? An Auto Loan Refinance Can Help!


An auto loan refinance can do so much more than just lower your monthly payment. Listen in and find out how it could help make a significant impact on your personal financial situation. Keyera Papka, Financial Services Officer, even shares a story of how an auto loan refinance truly helped a young couple get back on their feet.