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With healthcare costs rising, an HSA is a great way to ensure you are taken care of and save for health care expenses.

Key Features

  • No Minimum Balance
  • Online Account Access
  • Free Debit Card


  • Greater personal control over healthcare management and expenses
  • An HSA provides triple tax savings:
    • Tax deductions on contributions
    • Tax-free earnings through investment
    • Tax-free withdrawals for qualified medical, dental, vision expenses, and more*
  • Employer-sponsored and individual plans available
  • Funds can be withdrawn at any time*
  • Unused funds remain in account year after year 
  • Keep your HSA in your name, regardless of career or life changes
Additional FCCU Benefits
  • No minimum balance and unlimited transactions
  • Free debit card with additional authorized user
  • Check blanks available at cost
  • Fee waived with eStatements
  • Online account access 24/7 
Contributions & Distributions
Annual contribution limits established for single and family plans.
  • Contributions can be made by you, your employer, or a third party
  • Catch-up contributions of $1,000 can be made by those age 55 or older
  • The contribution deadline is the tax deadline, April 15th*
  • Contributions are reported on a 5498-SA
  • Distributions taken for non-qualified medical expenses are subject to federal income tax and a 20% penalty
  • Distributions are reported by the credit union on a 1099-SA

Consult a tax advisor. Tax-free withdrawals based on amount contributed. 

Most adults under 65 who are not enrolled in Medicare and are covered under a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) can qualifiy for an HSA. 
  • Individual must be covered by a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)
  • Eligibility is determined as of the first day of each month
  • The HSA owner may not:
    • Be enrolled in Medicare
    • Receive VA or TRICARE benefits
    • Be claimed as a dependent