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85th Annual Meeting Held


85th Annual Meeting Held

FCCU held its 85th Annual Meeting on March 18, 2024. Speeches were given by our President/CEO, Steve Schmitz, Board President, Owen Olson and CFO, Sean Rinkenberger, with a crowd of around 110 members, board of directors and staff in attendance.

Three positions on FCCU’s Board of Directors need to be filled. They are three year terms. This year, the three people running are incumbents, Sharman Zachrison, Bonnie Nelson and Chris Aarhus. As directed by the by-laws, the vacancies were filled by acclamation at the Annual Meeting.  

In his message, President Steve Schmitz stated, “As we take time to recognize our 85th anniversary, we need to remember the first Annual Meeting in 1939 where 40 members came together. Each one scraped together just an average of just $6.83 to start our credit union. It’s been an amazing journey as we started with just $273 dollars.” Schmitz went on to thank and recognize the Board of Directors, Audit Committee, FCCU staff and members owners for their dedication to FCCU.

Attendees of the meeting received the 2023 Annual Report, which highlights activities, management, and financials of the last year for the Credit Union. Click here to view the 2023 Annual Report.