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Back to School Tips & Recipes


Back to School Tips & Recipes

As the summer sun slowly sets, it’s time to welcome the new school year with open arms. The return to school is a time of excitement and opportunities for growth. It’s also a time that can be a bit stressful, especially for parents. But heading back to school doesn’t have to break your budget. To help make the transition as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled some helpful tips, tricks and ideas for this school year.

  1. Create a Budget: Before you start shopping, set a budget for back-to-school expenses. Consider all the necessary items, including school supplies, clothing and extracurricular fees. Having a budget will help you prioritize your spending and avoid unnecessary purchases.

  2. Shop at Home First: Take inventory of school supplies and clothing you already have at home. You might be surprised to find unused notebooks, pens or gently-worn clothing that can be reused for the new school year. If you find items that cannot be used for your child, but can be used for someone else, consider selling or donating these items. It can help free up space in your house.

  3. Make a Shopping List: Create a detailed shopping list based on your child’s school requirements. Also consider shopping local. It not only helps out community business owners, they also have more unique items to pick from! Not a fan of the crowds? Try utilizing online shopping and delivery services, curbside pickup, or try to go shopping on weeknights instead of weekends.

  4. Use Coupons & Promo Codes: Look for coupons and promo codes online, in newspapers or on local social media sites for your favorite businesses. Many stores are offering back to school deals right now. Better yet, look for deals on clothes that are ‘out of season’ as they might work for you or your child, now or later down the road.

  5. Consider Secondhand Options: Look around at thrift stores, rummage sales or other second-hand clothing retailers for back-to-school clothes. It’s cheaper and more sustainable, plus you never know what you’ll find.

  6. Utilize Student Discounts: Many retailers, restaurants and entertainment venues offer student discounts. Always ask if they have special deals for students to save money on various purchases and activities.

  7. Buy in Bulk: For items like notebooks, pens, art supplies and even groceries, consider buying in bulk. Many warehouse stores or grocery stores have discounts on bulk purchases, which can be especially beneficial for larger families or classroom supplies.


Having to cook and plan meals on top of having to deal with school, work, shopping, cleaning and everything in between can be stressful, especially when you have a picky eater in the house.

Below are some easy to make meals, kid friendly easy-to-please lunches and even a few breakfast ideas! *

Back to school time season is a time of fresh beginnings and endless possibilities. We hope this school year is the best one yet!


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