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Meet Mona: Financial Service Representative


Meet Mona: Financial Service Representative

Meet Mona, a Financial Service Representative at our Jamestown Buffalo Mall location. Mona works closely with members every day, doing everything from opening new accounts, to assisting members with loans, to filling the ATM machine.

At FCCU, our work is guided by our Core Values; community, integrity, passion, and growth. In this blog we’ll be highlighting how Mona exemplifies our Core Values, and how she continually strives to work with purpose every day.

Community: Mona strives to help her community any chance she can. She is always taking extra steps to ensure members are taken care of at the credit union. She is always willing to help people with whatever problems they have, no matter how difficult. Mona always goes above and beyond to get to know her members and their families, making sure they feel welcome and seen. Even outside of work, Mona enjoys helping her community. She often volunteers at FCCU events and participates in Toy’s For Tots every Christmas.

“I enjoy feeling the joy I bring to them when I’ve made their day, month, or even year!”

Integrity: Mona makes sure every one of her members is treated the same. Their problems are always given an unwavering amount of effort, she helps everyone in an honest way, and is always able to keep aligned with her and the company morals, regardless of the relationship she has with the member. She is always respectful to our members, understanding why it’s so important for them to feel seen and heard.

“I love hearing how glad they are to know we treat our members with respect, not just as a number.”

Passion: Mona’s job deals heavily in member interactions and assistance, so her everyday eagerness to help people helps her thrive at work. Getting to know her members and their families is an extra step Mona takes to make sure they feel welcome and helped at FCCU. Building that personal connection not only helps members feel seen and valued, but helps Mona feel satisfied with her job as well. She brings passion to the workplace every day, always willing to help someone regardless of if she has known them for five minutes or five years.

“It makes me feel like I am part of their family and that give me purpose and the promise that I am doing a good job!”

Mona also gives advice to her fellow coworkers to help them grow. “Do onto others as you wish to have done onto you!” Mona says she actively tries to put herself into her members’ shoes when they have problems. Even if their problem isn’t a huge problem, having to deal with the issue might be a huge wrench in a member’s day. Understanding what and why a member may be asking for assistance helps Mona continue to do her best work. Mona also always comes to work with a positive attitude, for both her coworkers and her members.

“Remember to say ‘Hello’ or ‘Good morning’ to your fellow co-workers. It makes a person feel appreciated!”