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FCCU Raises $6,000 for Local Safe Shelters


Employees of FCCU recently held fundraisers for their 2022 fourth quarter charity. FCCU was able to raise more than $6,000 to support local domestic violence safe shelters. The following organizations, one from each region, were selected to receive $1,000 of the funds raised:

These local organization not only provide shelter, but also crisis intervention, therapy, advocacy and other support for victims, programs for prevention, community education and much more. Programs, outreach, and available shelter spaces are expanded each year through donations, volunteers and funding. The following are just a few stats about a few local shelters:

  • CVIC Crisis services in Grand Forks, ND supported 950 victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Through youth education and adult presentations, 2,987 kids and 3,492 people were reached.
  • Churches United in Fargo, ND sheltered 1,259 guests in 2021 and served over 450 individuals daily in 2022.

To support these shelters, FCCU staff held supply drives at each local branch. Additionally, local fundraisers included selling World’s Finest Chocolate bars, jeans Fridays, Crocktober Fest lunches in branches and a wall art silent auction.

Thank you to FCCU staff and members for supporting this worthy cause!