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Celebrating Our College Connections: Meet Carrie


Earlier this year, we began a new quarterly blog series featuring topics related to careers in the financial industry. This quarter, FCCU will be featuring our college connections and the skills our staff learned through their education. 

Meet Carrie, Financial Services Officer in Fargo and our first feature this month! And learn how you can join our strong team, here.

How did you choose your college/university and what made it a special place for you to get your degree?
I chose to attend North Dakota State College of Science because of the campus size, affordability, liberal arts program and location. The class size made it easier to get to know other students and provide better accessibility/guidance from instructors.

How did your education help prepare you for your career?
The courses at NDSCS such as the principals of banking, finance, accounting and real estate, were very specialized to my degree. Those fundamentals were the foundation of my education and prepared me for the different stages of my career in lending and management.

What advice would you give to someone as they are entering college and choosing a career path?
Don’t worry if you change your major while in college, do what feels right. When I started out in college, I thought my career path was in the criminal justice area. However, during my 2nd year in college, I began working at First Community Credit Union as a Member Service Representative. It was then I decided that the banking industry was a better fit for me. I changed my major and earned my Associates of Science degree in Banking & Financial Services from NDSCS. I now have 20 plus years of experience in the financial industry.

What skills did you learn in college that carried over to your career today?

  • Time Management - As a working college student, I had to manage my time between going to class, studying and working at my part-time job. I utilized planners and task lists as a system to help stay on track and organized to balance everything.  Even today, time management is crucial to having a successful career and personal life.  
  • Teamwork – In college, you teamed up with your classmates for projects and study groups to help foster new and different perspectives and ideas…and that skill continues throughout your career when working with your colleagues and community members.

What is your role at FCCU, what do you do in that role and what do you enjoy most about it?
As a Financial Services Officer, I provide personalized financial services for members through consumer loans, home equity loans, home equity lines of credit, and VISA credit cards, as well as deposit products such as checking, savings accounts, IRAs and HSAs. FCCU has a great work environment and what I appreciate most about my position is building relationships with members and providing a positive experience.

What’s a favorite memory from college?
One of favorite memories from college were my fellow classmates. I even recruited one of them to work with me at FCCU as a Member Service Representative while we were both attending college at NDSCS. And through the years, we have stayed connected and are great close friends!
Learn how you can join our strong team, here.