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Tiffani Crist Named Volunteer of the Year


FCCU is proud to announce this year's Volunteer of the Year, Tiffani Crist.

In recent years, FCCU launched a volunteer program where employees track the number of hours they volunteer outside of work. Whether it is helping at church, coaching basketball, or volunteering at the local humane society, FCCU encourages, recognizes and rewards staff who are involved in their communities.

Tiffani volunteered more than 230 hours throughout the Devils Lake and surrounding communities in 2021.

She currently is on the local Credit Union Chapter board and helped with VFW AUX monthly meetings and activities. A majority of her volunteer time was spent at the Fort Totten Little Theatre helping with rehearsals and play performances. In addition, she helped with numerous FCCU events including the homecoming parade, Pee Wee Youth party, Holiday Showcase events, and more.

When asked why she feels it's important to volunteer, Crist says, “I love helping others and if I'm able to share my time and skills to make something a little better or easier for someone else, then I've done a kindness to them and left my heart a little more fulfilled in the process.” She continues, “Growing up in a small community, I've always been taught that it's important to be involved in activities and organizations that you believe in. As a parent, I want to instill those lessons to my kids, as well. Any time I am able to volunteer with my kids, its that much more special and rewarding.”

FCCU staff accumulated and tracked over 1200 volunteer hours during 2021. Congratulations, Tiffani and a huge thank you to all staff that give of their time to their communities and we look forward to serving our communities for years to come.