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FCCU Intern Spotlight: Meet Santina


In the fall of 2020 we launched our internship program here at FCCU.

This program was designed to give students in our communities an opportunity to learn, grow and gain valuable experience. 

Since then, FCCU has had numerous interns ranging from Marketing, to Accounting, to Loan Interns. We recently sat down with one of our latest interns to hear about what her experience has been like so far.

Name: Santina Zito 

Hometown: Boise, ID

University/Major: University of Jamestown with majors in Accounting, Financial Planning, and Business Administration 

Location of Internship: Jamestown Headquarters

Internship Title: Accounting Intern

Hobbies: I play softball for the University of Jamestown. I also give softball hitting lessons and coach many junior high and high school girls in the community.

Why did you choose FCCU?
They are a great local company and they have been very flexible with my school schedule.

What are some requirements of you in your internship?
My requirements as an intern are mainly to balance daily general ledger accounts and to assist the other members in both the accounting and facilities department.

What is your favorite part of your internship so far?
My favorite part of about my internship so far is how much I have learned from the staff members who work in the accounting department. The accounting staff takes their time not only to teach me how to do a task, but what it means and why it’s important to the business. I have already learned so much in my short time being an intern.

How did you find the internship?
I was taught by Amie Aesoph, who is now the current Chief Human Resources Officer, when she was a professor at the University of Jamestown. I reached out to Mrs. Aesoph and asked if they had any openings for interns in the accounting department. She then got me in contact with Sean Rinkenberger, Chief Financial Officer and I interviewed for an intern position with him.

What advice would you give to someone in the process of applying for an internship?
It’s never too early in you schooling to apply for an internship. An internship is a very good way to figure out if you would like to pursue a profession in that field!