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New Contactless Cards Offer Safety & Ease of Use


We're excited to announce we are now issuing contactless cards. If you are a VISA credit card holder, you should have received your card in the mail. Debit cards will be coming at a later date, so please be watching for them.

Paying at a store or terminal has never been easier with our new contactless cards.

It’s fast.
Card holders can simply pay with their contactless cards and be on their way in seconds.

It’s easy.
Cardholders simply tap their contactless card on the contactless-enabled checkout terminal to make a purchase.

It’s secure.
Contactless cards are safe for a number of reasons. Each transaction is accompanied by a one-time code that securely protects a cardholder’s payment information, just like a chip card. The code cannot be re-used by fraudsters even if they were somehow able to access it. The information would be useless to them.

Plus, cardholders can’t pay accidentally. Their card or device must be within 1-2 inches of the contactless-enabled payment terminal for the transaction to occur and they won’t be billed twice, even if they accidentally tap twice. Better yet, every credit card transaction made has a Zero Liability protection* so you’re not liable for unauthorized transactions.

How do you know if a merchant accepts contactless cards?
Just look for the universal contactless symbol at checkout or ask the cashier if you can pay by tapping. If they do not yet offer Tap & Pay, this card can be used as either a mag stripe or chip card.

Are there any limits when I can use it?
No, you can pay with your contactless card for everything you normally would and earn all of your same rewards and benefits. And don’t worry, even if you tap twice, you will only be charged once.

It's really as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Whether you tap, swipe, insert or use a mobile wallet—you earn the same great rewards.

Contact your local branch representative to learn more!


*Certain restrictions apply.