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Help Support Area Children Through Project Ignite Light


Each quarter, FCCU holds fundraisers for different worthy organizations. Charities are voted on by employees. For every charity, FCCU will hold various events and promotions to support the organizations in their own unique way.

The following charities will be focused on in 2021:

Quarter One: Foster & Abused Children, Quarter Two: Veterans and military, Quarter Three: Safe and homeless shelters, Quarter Four: Cancer causes

Project Ignite Light is an organization that gives thousands of abused children a piece of security and hope. They provide about 200 “Bags of Hope” each month to reported abused children in Minnesota, North and South Dakota. The bags are free for the children and delivered through local advocacy centers. Each bag is customized for the child’s age and gender and includes a blanket, pajamas, undergarments, personal hygiene items, flashlight, book, and a water bottle.

For the past five years, FCCU has supported Project Ignite Light and been able to donate a total of 723 blankets, 1,822 pajamas and raised an impressive $27,000 all with help from our members contributions! 

Susan Long Swen, Event and Community Engagement Specialist with FCCU says, "Each year the support from our staff and community, is incredible. It’s sad to know organizations like this have to exist, but wonderful to know through our help, we can bring hope to so many kids. Thank you to all those who have supported and continuely donate to our quarterly charities!"

To support Project Ignite Light, each branch is holding a pajama drive for staff, members and people of the community to donate. We are collecting new two-piece pajamas in sizes newborn through 18 years of age. New fleece tie blankets are also accepted as a donation. They must be 1.5 yards each side and consist of two pieces of fabric; one solid and one patterned. For specific instructions, please visit: The pajama and blanket drive will go through March 31st, 2021.

Project Ignite Light is a faith based organization that provides children with important items needed when examined at local Children’s Advocacy Centers around the United States for sexual abuse, physical abuse, or neglect. The organization was founded in 2008 by Jamestown native, Pebbles Thompson. They function out of the old Barnes County North High School in Rogers, ND. More information can be found here.