Online Banking Announcement

Exciting news! We're making an upgrade to our online banking.

On February 22nd, all your accounts will be available to you in one convenient place. There will be no need to log in with multiple usernames and passwords to access different FCCU account numbers.

During this upgrade, there may be a time where your online banking may be unavailable. We will provide details as the time gets closer.

After the update occurs, what you need to do?

  • Login to your online banking.
  • Confirm all your accounts.
  • If any questions or concerns, please call us at 1-800-850-7676.
  • Please see our FAQ's at the end of this page for more information.

Business Members

We understand that each business is special and unique. Businesses set up as family ownership may show in your single login. Businesses set up as a corporate structure with ownership titles like President, Vice-President, etc, will continue to be accessed separately with their existing business login credentials.

If you have questions or would like to make changes to this structure once you’ve logged in to review the new setup on or after February 22nd, please call 1-800-850-7676.

Bill Pay Upgrade Overview & Timeline

Now through Tuesday, February 20th: Preparation

  • Enter and schedule any new payments to be processed from February 21st-29th. Any new payments cannot be set up during February 21st-26th and must be done ahead of time.
  • Make note of Payment information- especially amount and dates paid, for reference after conversion.

Thursday, February 22nd: Online Banking Upgrade

  • Following the upgrade you'll be able to access online banking and access your Bill Pay information from your account with the greatest number of bills paid in January.

Saturday, February 24th: Bill Pay Upgrade

  • After this upgrade, you'll have the option to add additional funding accounts to use with Bill Pay. For example, you might add an HSA or separate checking account.
  • You may set up additional accounts. If you would like assistance with this process, please call 1-800-850-7676 during business hours.

Beginning Monday, February 26th: FCCU Staff Available to Assist

  • All conversions and system upgrades will be complete. Our staff will be readily available to help assist with transferring payee information and to help make sure all your Bill Pay information is correct.

Overall Member FAQ/Troubleshooting Guide

  • I logged into online banking but am seeing a message “Your account information is temporarily unavailable.  Please try again later.”
    • This error indicates that you have more than one Username for online banking and a different one was converted.  You can try your other Username(s) to see which one was converted.  All your information should display together. 
    • We attempted to convert the Username you use most often, but for some people with multiple profiles, you may have a different preferred Username.  If you would prefer to have a different Username, we can help.  Please call us at 1-800-850-7676. 
    • Your Username can also be managed by using the “My Settings” menu option. Usernames must be unique, so if you wish to use another of your existing Usernames, you would need to log into that user; change that username to something else (like add “old” to the end of it); and then log into the working profile and change the Username.
  • I use Bill Pay with multiple accounts and I’m not seeing all the information now.
    • We were only able to automatically convert one Bill Pay profile with this new feature.  We can help make sure all your other Bill Pay information is set up.  Please call us at 1-800-850-7676.
  • Now that I can see all my membership accounts together, there are too many Prime Shares and Membership Shares that I don’t use.
    • It’s easy to hide accounts that you don’t want to see in your account list.  Choose “My Settings” from the menu; scroll down to “Other Settings” and choose “Rename & Hide your accounts”.  From here you can change account names to make them more meaningful to you, and hide accounts that you rarely use to keep your account list distraction-free.