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FCCU Podcast- Let's CU Succeed

Let's CU Succeed is here to help our listeners achieve financial success, while having fun along the way. This podcast features financial tips and tricks, community involvement spotlights, fun stories told by our employees and everything in between. 
What is a podcast? Basically, a podcast is an audio program, just like Talk Radio, but you can subscribe to it on your smartphone and listen to it whenever you like.
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Guaranteed Asset Protection: How GAP Coverage Could Save You


This is part two of the podcast with Clayton Lilleby, VP of Retail Sales. On this episode Clayton dives into GAP coverage, what it means, who its for and why you would need it. FCCU is able to offer these products to our members in order to protect them in the worst case scenarios. Contact your local branch to find out how you can also add an extra layer of protection on your next auto loan. Thanks for listening!

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Prepare for the Expected


Most people expect their car will break down at some point in life, but what we don't expect, is for it to break down at the worst possible time. That's when having a warranty comes in handy. This weeks episode features Clayton Lillelby, VP of Retail Sales, to talk all about why warranties can be a lifesaver.

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Lions, Tigers, Bears and...Student Loans?


On this episode of Let's CU Succeed we tackle the monster that is student loans with Tom Ternes from Bank of North Dakota. Tom has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things student loans and financing your education. If you or someone you know is planning on attending college or even in college now this is a must listen. From saving well before college to how to get them paid off, this podcast covers a little bit of it all.

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What You Need to Know About Buying Your First House


On this episode we talked with Craig Ventzke, Mortgage Loan Officer in Grand Forks, ND, about buying your first home. Topics discussed include: Available Programs, Budget Factors, How to Apply and more.

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Home Equity Loans, HELOCs and How to Use Them


On todays podcast we sit down with Cali Sailer, Retail Manager in Fargo, ND to talk about all things Home Equity Loans. If your looking to start a remodel project or looking to consolidate your debt for lower interest rates, and everything in between this podcast is for you.

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