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FCCU Podcast- Let's CU Succeed

Let's CU Succeed is here to help our listeners achieve financial success, while having fun along the way. This podcast features financial tips and tricks, community involvement spotlights, fun stories told by our employees and everything in between. 
What is a podcast? Basically, a podcast is an audio program, just like Talk Radio, but you can subscribe to it on your smartphone and listen to it whenever you like.
You can listen the podcasts listed below on Apple, Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts and other podcast platforms. 

Lions, Tigers, Bears and...Student Loans?


On this episode of Let's CU Succeed we tackle the monster that is student loans with Tom Ternes from Bank of North Dakota. Tom has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things student loans and financing your education. If you or someone you know is planning on attending college or even in college now this is a must listen. From saving well before college to how to get them paid off, this podcast covers a little bit of it all.

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The Importance of Internships


Internships are arguably one of the most important stepping stones a college student can take to move towards a successful career after school. In this podcast we sat down with Chief HR Officer Amie Aesoph and Dr. Heidi Larson with the University of Jamestown to talk about the importance of internships, what to look for, how to get one and even talk about some of their own experiences. While this podcast targets a younger demographic it is still applicable to those looking to start an internship program of their own. This is a must listen for people looking to build their future career path.

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Who Sets Our Rates Anyway?


Regardless of the financial institution you go to, the first thing you are going to hear about are the rates. But who sets those rates, how do they determine them and why are they all different? On this episode we talk to CFO Sean Rinkenberger about the rates and how they work. This is an interesting topic and while rates aren't everything, they are very important so we decided to provide a quick look behind the otherwise closed doors.

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The Roger Maris Cancer Center, Saving Lives and How To Help


Who is Roger Maris you may ask? Well listen to this podcast to find out who he was and his relevance to the Fargo cancer center. On this episode we sat down with Amy Hinkemeyer, executive director at the Sanford Health Foundation, to talk about what the Roger Maris Center means to the people going through their toughest times in life. We talk about what exactly they do and how you to can lend a helping hand. From lemonade stands to hats, there is a way for everyone to get involved.

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The Truth About Credit Scores


When it comes to finance, credit score is everything. On this episode we talk to Carrie Lick, Financial Services Officer in Fargo, about all things Credit. Credit can be a tricky and scary topic but it doesn't have to be. Carrie broke down what goes into credit, how it works, who decides what your score is, the factors that do and do not go into it and much more. This is a must listen podcast.

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