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Fraud is happening each and every day and can happen to anyone. Even right here in North Dakota and Minnesota, our members are getting scammed out of thousands of dollars. Here at FCCU, we want to help educate our members and make sure you are protected. 

Quick Tips for Avoiding Scams:

  • Know what to look for:
    • Who is calling you? - If you get a call from a company, agency or anyone purporting to be a representative and wanting information, the best response is to thank them politely, ask their name, and state you will call the company back to talk with them. Then call the company from a trusted phone number you either already have or can find on their website.  You can then ask for that person: if it was a real call, you will get them; if not you can inform the company what happened and verify all is fine with your accounts.
      • Use caller ID – if someone is calling you and they are not in your contacts and you don’t recognize the name or number, just don’t answer!  If it was someone you knew or a legitimate call, they will leave a message and you can call them back. It is good to let your friends and family know this so they know to leave a message if you don’t answer.
    • What are they asking you for? - Is someone calling claiming to be the IRS about unpaid taxes? Or a big box store where they say you didn’t pay your credit card? It’s important to remember, the IRS will never call you and will always send a letter. Same goes for Amazon, Paypal, Ebay and other large online retailers, they will not call you. They will send emails directing you to login to your account on their app and check for messages. Also, never pay anyone who insists you pay with gift cards or money transfer services and never click on links in email or texts, even if they ask you to.
    • Is there pressure involved? - Resist the pressure to act immediately, this is a red flag. Never give out personal or financial information in response to a request that you weren’t expecting.
    • Are they claiming law enforcement is involved? - Again,  be sure to contact someone you trust to make sure this is legit.

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to check with your local FCCU branch or someone you trust. FCCU wants to help keep our members both aware and safe from potential fraud. 

FCCU Resources

Other Important Fraud Resources

FCCU Cards App

The FCCU Cards App puts card management at your finger tips, helping you prevent fraud and keeping your credit and debit card in your control. Below is a series of videos explaining how to use the FCCU Cards App and how it can help prevent fraud. Click here for more information or to download the app.

*Note, this app doesn't replace our existing FCCU app, but is another option to give you greater control over your convenience cards. 

FCCU Cards App Overview

Alert Preferences

Notification Settings

Lock & Unlock Your Card

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Set Control Preferences

Setting Spend Limits