Credit Confidence Program

Managing your money can be a challenging task and, let's face it, your future depends on your financial situation. Are you looking to take control of your financial life, but need some assistance? FCCU's Credit Confidence Program can help. We have certified credit counselors on staff that can help guide you to make better financial decisions.


FCCU offers Credit Confidence seminars several times a year for our members who want to learn more about managing their finances. These seminars cover important topics including:

  • Credit reports
  • Financial awareness
  • Budgeting
  • Financial behavior

One-on-One Sessions

If you are a member of FCCU and would like a more personalized approach, our certified credit counselors can arrange a private session with you to discuss your unique circumstances. Together, you will assess your financial situation and determine ways to improve it. Here's how we can help:

  • Review your credit report and discuss ways to improve your creditworthiness
  • Evaluate financial behavior
  • Create a spending plan
  • Discuss options to repay debt

Visit your nearest branch today and ask to speak to one of our experts to see how the Credit Confidence Program can benefit you and your family.