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The question gets asked time and time again, “What is a Credit Union?”

We are a member owned, not-for-profit financial that has been proudly serving its members for 80 years. As a credit union, profits are returned back to members in the form of less fees, better rates, products and quality customer service. As member owners, you get a piece of the pie.

In America, we like to dream. Bigger, brighter and always better. We know credit unions can make dreams come true. Better yet, make your fantastic future happen faster, if you will.

Unfortunately, there are often five common misconceptions about credit unions and we want to combat these myths.

Myth #1: I can’t join a credit union.

This myth is simply not true! Becoming a member of a credit union is easy. You don't have to work anyplace special. FCCU is a community-based financial. Credit unions have what’s called a Field of Membership and FCCU’s is more than half the state of North Dakota and into western Minnesota. Also, the process of opening an account or switching from your current financial is easy and can be done online. 

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Myth #2: Accessing my money might be hard. Banks have more ATMs.

Nearly all of our branches have ATMS. FCCU checking account holders can take advantage of no ATM fees at thousands of locations with shared networking and Kasasa checking. We want members to travel and enjoy life, knowing your money is always nearby.

Myth #3: Credit unions don’t have enough locations.

FCCU has 28 branch locations across 23 cities in North Dakota and Minnesota. We are 45,000 members strong and we'd love for you to join us.

Myth #4: Credit unions don’t offer many products.

Each and every day, FCCU helps people like you achieve your financial goals, faster. You might be surprised to hear we offer the same products, and in many cases, more than your other financial institution. From business checking and loans, to mortgages, agriculture lending, credit cards, checking, savings and IRAs, we provide a full array of financial services. We were the first in the area to offer a unique, free checking account called Kasasa; this high interest earning checking pays cash rewards each month and offers free ATMs. 

Myth #5: Credit unions don’t have the technology I need.

We may be a local, community-based credit union, but local, doesn’t mean you’re limited. FCCU offers free mobile apps, FCCU online, bill pay, mobile check deposit, business FCCU online and more. We know you want security and protection from a financial institution. Technology is important in managing your finances in today’s world and FCCU has made an investment to make sure you can manage your money anytime and anywhere.

There are countless reasons why one should join a credit union, but most importantly with FCCU, you’re a person and not just an account number. We believe in providing a better financial future for all members. Not a member of FCCU?

Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union.

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